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How To Make More Money Doing Deals In Small Towns... While Avoiding The Competition And Stress Of Doing Deals In Large Markets
How To Make More Money Doing Deals In Small Towns... While Avoiding The Competition And Stress Of Doing Deals In Large Markets
Watch This Replay While It's Still Available:
Watch This Replay While It's Still Available:
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So... what is this 'Small Town Profits' Case Study about?
From the desk of Larry Goins & Joe McCall:
We wanted to put together this page to quickly tell you what this new 'Small Town Profits' case study is all about, what we're going to do and why you should care.

This is really awesome and exciting.

This is a complete 6-week training program that we put together showing you everything you need to know in order to start doing deals in small towns. We've also included a bunch of bonuses for you, which I'll tell you more about below.

Because you'er reading this, you probably already understand the benefits of why small town profits are so critical in today's market.
The problem with traditional markets...
Small towns work because they're a "blue ocean" market.

It's harder for newer investors to work in MSA's... there's a lot of competition and you have to work harder.

And usually it requires more skills in marketing, more money in marketing, and more time.
The advantages of small towns...
Small towns, on the other hand, are much more forgiving.

You don't have to be an expert in sales and marketing to be successful in small towns.

You don't have to spend as much on marketing, nor as much time.

This is why we are doing this case study.
This isn't just a course...
We're not just going to be sending you some training.

We're going to be working very closely together over the next few weeks, including Q&A calls, a 1-on-1 call with me, "done for you" marketing, accountability, and more!

There is a lot involved, and I want to make sure you get it all and are able to do it successfully.
I'll be honest though...
This is not for everyone.

This isn't a one-off masterclass or "get rich quick" scheme. 

If that's what you're looking for, please leave now.
Here is EXACTLY what we are going to go through in the Small Town Big Profits Case Study:
  •  Pick Market
  •  Boots On The Ground
  •  Learn To Analyze
  •  Set Up Call Tracking
  •  Make The Phone Ring
  •  Make Offers/Negotiate 
  •  Sign Contract
  •  Due Diligence
  •  Buyers List
  •  Contract/Assignment
  •  Close & Get Paid
  •  Set Goals And Stay Motivated
Join this Small Town Profits Case Study for only $997
So... what will this Small Town Profits program include?
A full 6-week training program.
We are going to be going through our entire "small town" process, step by step. You'll see how we pick a market, build our lists, do our marketing, talk to sellers, make offers, and find buyers.

After the training is complete, you'll be equipped to confidently walk into any "small town" market in the US and start dominating by doing deals.
Special Coaching Support
There are two things you'll get to have coaching support throughout this program.

First, we are going to have four Q&A calls with BOTH Larry & I. These will be every other week, so you'll get support throughout the training program.

Then, you'll get exclusive access to a private FB group where you will be able to network with other investors, and have me & Larry interact with you as well.
Get ALL the Resources you need.
We're not just going to teach you how to do these deals. We're also going to equip you with all the scripts, checklists, templates, contracts, and resources you need to be able to do these deals.
We don't want you to do this alone. So as a bonus, I (Joe McCall) will hop on a 1-on-1 call with you so that we can help you select a market, and create a marketing plan.
We want to help you succeed, so we're going to help you implement your marketing. My team is going to put together and send your first direct mail campaign, on your behalf! You will have to pay for the mailing, but we'll handle the process for you, and hook you up with our favorite provider, so your future campaigns can be sent easily and affordably.
Sometimes you just need a little help, or push. We'll have one of our accountability experts reach out to you on a regular basis, and act as your "go to" point of contact to make sure you get unstuck, get all your questions answered, and get you on your way to doing deals in small towns!
Don't let the money stop you! If you're doing wholesaling deals, we will be able to provide you with no-fee transactional funding, as well as proof-of-funds letters.
A special bonus here... you're going to get access to my 'offer generating' software, Automated Offer Pro. This software will walk you through putting together your offers, as well as give you all the paperwork you need to make your offers, quick and easy!
Guys, this is special.

If you go through the program, attend the coaching calls, engage in the Facebook Group, do the homework, and make just 5 offers... just 5!! ...then we'll simply request a video testimonial, and you'll get 100% of your money back.
Case Study Closes MONDAY, May 13th at Midnight PST!
Only $1,500 (or 3 payments of $500)
What's Included: 
  •  6-Week Study Training Program - How to make huge profits in small towns.
  •  4 Q&A Coaching Calls - Bi-weekly group coaching calls.
  • All Resources - Get all our tools, templates, and other resources you need.
  •  Private Facebook Group - Members-only Facebook group.
  •  BONUS - 'Done For You' Direct Mail System 
  •  BONUS - Access to no-fee transactional funding & proof-of-funds letters
  •  BONUS - Accountability w/ expert from our team
  •  BONUS - FREE 1-on-1 Coaching Call w/ Joe
  •  COMPLETION CHALLENGE - Go thru the course, engage in the FB group, make at least 5 offers, send us a testimonial video, and get a 100% refund!
Only $997
We get going on March 21st!
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